Flex 50
$44.95/per month
Download 7Mbps*
Upload 2Mbps*
Data 50GBs
Flex 100
$59.95/per month
Download 9Mbps*
Upload 2Mbps*
Data 100GBs
Flex 400
$89.95/per month
Download 13Mbps*
Upload 2.5Mbps*
Data 400GBs
Flex 800
$104.95/per month
Download 15Mbps*
Upload 2.5Mbps*
Data 800GBs
Extra Data $10 per 50GB

*Maximum download and upload Internet speeds are not guaranteed. They are listed as the possible speed to reach without impairments. All services listed above require a compatible Docsis 3.0 modem.
Overage Rates for Legacy Plans