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Full Time

SNC offers both cable and wireless broadband internet services. Cable internet is only available in areas where we also offer cable television service. Fiber optic build out continues so we can bring cable services to more communities in our area.

We are able to serve many homes and ranches considered too remote for other high speed internet providers. Our Wireless broadband service is available to much of the greater Sonora area and Highway 108 corridor of Tuolumne county. Contact us today for a free site survey for service at your home or business.

Most providers limit you to only a couple of choices for your Internet service. Sierra Nevada Communications offers a variety of High Speed Internet Packages so that you can select the best fit for your needs. We have low usage packages perfect for vacation home owners and part-time residents. We also have the high data transfer packages for the power user or business that needs maximum capacity.

Part Time

With the different service levels SNC offers you can easily fit your needs to one of our service levels. If you are only visiting your home once a month take a look at our smaller service levels to increase your savings. If you plan to come up more in the summer months you can adjust you plan to fit the higher usage, and once winter comes around if needed you can switch to a smaller plan.

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