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Light User
$44.95/per month
Download 7Mbps*
Upload 2Mbps*
Data 50GB's
Extra Data $5 per GB
Multi User
$59.95/per month
Download 8Mbps*
Upload 2Mbps*
Data 100GB's
Extra Data $4 per GB
$89.95/per month
Download 13Mbps*
Upload 2.5Mbps*
Data 350GB's
Extra Data $2 per GB
Power User
$119.95/per month
Download 17Mbps*
Upload 2.5Mbps*
Data 800GB's
Extra Data $.50 per GB
Ultra User
$169.95/per month
Download 18Mbps*
Upload 2.5Mbps*
Data 1000GB's
Extra Data $.25 per GB

*Maximum download and upload Internet speeds are not guaranteed. They are listed as the possible speed to reach without impairments. All services listed above require a compatible Docsis 3.0 modem.

Sierra Nevada Communications LLC

(Office) 18859 Microtronics Suite B13 / Sonora, CA 95370(Billing) P.O.Box 281 / Standard, CA 95373 (209) 588-9601 Sonora or (209) 962 6373 Groveland