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SNC offers three kinds of Internet service: Cable,Fiber, and Wireless

Cable Internet service requires that you be within SNC's cable television service area, and that your home be wired with a coax cable connection (NOTE: You do not have to subscribe to television service to receive Internet service). Because the signal is carried over a cable this type of service is less susceptible to signal interference.

Fiber Internet service requires that you be within SNC's fiber optic service area. These connections are some of the fastest and most reliable Internet connections SNC has to offer. Fiber service to the home is extremely limited at the moment. SNC is working on expanding our fiber deploying all the time. Keep an eye out for our announcement regarding your area.

Wireless Internet service requires that you be in range of one of our WiMax access points and that there be a clear line of sight between it and the radio receiver SNC will install at your home. Wireless provides consistent, DSL comparable speeds. Wireless removes the need to have coax cable available at your home and eliminates outages that occur due to downed wires. However, wireless is more susceptible to signal interference than cable is. For example, heavy snow accumulation on a tree near your radio can temporarily weaken radio reception.

Wireless service allows SNC to provide high speed internet to the many ranches and other properties in our area that would not otherwise be able to it.

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