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Get the most out of your service with a supported modem.

If it is noted as “MODEM ONLY” then it does not have WiFi, and you would need a separate Wi-Fi router. If you have a separate router we recommend buying a router with “AC” capabilities.
Other modems on the 3rd party list are used by some of our customers and have reported little to no issues.
If you already have an active account and want to buy a new modem you will need to call in the CMAC/MAC. This will authorize the modem to work within the SNC network.

Recommended modems/gateways

ARRIS DG3450 Docsis 3.1 Gateway AC Wave2
ARRIS TG3452 Docsis 3.1 Gateway AC Wave2
ARRIS CM9200 Docsis 3.1 (MODEM ONLY)
ARRIS DG3260 32x8 AC1200
ARRIS DG2460 24x8 AC1200

Retail modems/gateways (not directly supported but have worked okay so far)

ARRIS SBG8300 D3.1 AC2350
Motorola/ARRIS MB8600 3.1 (MODEM ONLY)
Netgear CBR40 32x8 AC2200
Netgear CM700 32x8 (MODEM ONLY)
Netgear CM600 24x8 (MODEM ONLY)
Netgear CM500 16x4 (MODEM ONLY)
TP-Link TC-7620 16x4 (MODEM ONLY)
TP-Link Archer CR700 16x4 AC1750
Netgear C6250 16x4 AC1600
MG7550 16x4 AC1900
Arris MB8600 (Modem only)
Netgear C7000v2
ARRIS SBG10 16x4 AC1600
Arris MG7700 AC1900
Arris SBG8300 AC2350
Arris SBG7400AC2
TP-Link Archer CR700 AC 1750

End of life(This equipment can affect your Internet performance or experience.)
These modems are too slow for the Groveland and Big Oak Flat area.
ARRIS CM8200 Docsis 3.1 (MODEM ONLY)
ARRIS SB8200 Docsis 3.1 (MODEM ONLY)
Arris SBG6580
Motorola MG7310 8x4 N300
ARRIS DG1660 16x4 N600 Dual Band
Netgear CM400 8x4 (MODEM ONLY)
Motorola SB5101U (MODEM ONLY)
ARRIS CM820A 8x4
Netgear C3700 8x4 N600 Dual Band
DG860P2 8x4 N300
TG862G 8x4 N300
ARRIS SBG6782-AC 8x4 AC1800
Arris MB7220

Confirmed not supported(Do not buy)

Arris SBG6580 Dual Band Gateway
Arris SBG6700-AC
Netgear C6300 16x4 AC1750
Netgear CM1000 or CM1100
ARRIS SB6141 8x4
ARRIS SB6121 4x4
Any 4x4 modem

Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase your own modem or gateway you are taking responsibility of your own home network and you will limit SNC’s ability to help you.  SNC has no control over software on 3rd party modems. If a modem is not on this list it is highly recommended not to use it. SNC will activate a modem/gateway that is not listed as supported at the users own risk. SNC will not activate a modem/gateway if it is listed under "Confirmed not supported(Do not buy)". If SNC finds the modem does not report the proper information needed to provide a quality service we will disable it. SNC will add a modem/gateway to the "Confirmed not supported(Do not buy)" if a particular model has performance issues or reporting issues.

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